Mia Farah Beautique
was founded by renowned celebrity hair and makeup artist, Mia Hendrickson, formerly of Bridal Lounge.

Mia Farah Beautique’s team of expertly trained and innovative hair stylists and makeup artists will cater to all your beauty needs for your special day. We specialize in bridal, fashion, and event hair and makeup. Other specialty services include facials, lash extensions, tattoo coverage, hair extensions, color, cut and chemical processes. Mia is a master in both the airbrush technique of makeup application as well as custom color formulation.

Our Wedding Services cater to all budgets without sacrificing quality of service. We strive to make your wedding experience with us as relaxing and stress-free as possible.

You are invited to visit us at our upscale design studio to browse our boutique or be photographed in our boudoir studio. Call us to arrange an affordable photo shoot to capture a perfect photo for your Facebook page or dating web site.

Fun facts about me

  • my mom named me after herself Maria
  • My mom is a hairstylist and she is the reason why I am absolutely in love with the beauty industry
  • I was nicknamed MIA while working at MAC and my oldest daughter's name is FARAH, hence the company name MIA FARAH
  • Third fun fact I hardly watch TV don't know who most celebrities names, you can find most times listening to an audiobook
  • I love to roller skate and talk to my kids in silly accents
  • In my head I am I famous salsa dancer
  • I wanted every car I owned to be a convertible

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